What is Loss Control?
4/16/2013 9:12:38 AM

At LCI, we consider Loss Control to be an important part of workers’ comp policy we write. Loss Control helps our policyholders reduce their exposure to losses - which come in the form of injuries - by identifying issues and problems that can cause accidents and losses before the accident occurs. Through education, workshops, and visits, Loss Control allows LCI to partner with its policyholders to create safe work environments for our policyholders’ most valuable asset – their employees.

As a Loss Control Consultant I try to help our policyholders identify risks and teach them how a business can prevent a risk from becoming a loss. When I see a loss exposure, I offer recommendations for improvement. Loss control services are included with every member’s policy, and in some cases are included as part of our Underwriting requirements, depending on the size and the type of business.

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In the future I will be posting different topics of interest for our policyholders so you can stay informed of safe working practices in different industries. I hope you will implement these practices in your business and share them with your employees. This "Safety Series” will include topics such as ladder safety, proper lifting, defensive driving, circular saw safety, proper scaffolding usage, good housekeeping, and many others.

Feel free to contact me with any loss control questions or with ideas for future blog post topics. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Bryan Vidrine has served as a Loss Control Consultant since 2009. Prior to that he compiled more than a decade of experience in Risk Management and Loss Control. Bryan works with LCI Insured businesses to minimize risk and create safe work environments. He can be reached at

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