Water Wise NOLA to Host Workshops for Design and Construction Professionals
6/1/2015 10:53:14 AM

"Green infrastructure,” "stormwater management,” "pervious concrete,” "watershed”… what do these terms mean, and why are we beginning to hear them more than ever before? LCIA reached out to Dana Nunez Brown, Principal at landscape architecture firm Dana Brown & Associates. Dana is working with Water Wise NOLA and the Louisiana Urban Stormwater Coalition (LUSC) to host workshops focusing on Green Infrastructure (GI) and specifically on stormwater management. She laid the groundwork for our understanding of green infrastructure, which, as it turns out, can help build attractive opportunities for many of our members.

What is stormwater management?
Dana Nunez Brown: "The term ‘stormwater management’ describes how to best address rainwater in ways more beneficial than the traditional drainage approach.”

LCIA: Why is stormwater management important?
DNB: "New Orleans has a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4). The MS4 is a separated drainage system that drains exclusively stormwater. For this reason, the water does not go through sewerage water treatment, meaning it contains pollutants harmful to people and the environment. Further, the New Orleans area has a history of localized flooding, meaning both water quality and water quantity need to be managed.

The issue of stormwater management is getting more attention in Greater New Orleans. This is true of the City of New Orleans’ new Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, which states that newly built projects larger than 5,000 square feet, which usually contain significant impermeable surfaces (such as parking lots and roofs), must retain the first 1.25 inch of rainwater on site. Builders must present a plan that shows the water will be retained in order to receive a building permit.”

LCIA: What business opportunities are there in Green Infrastructure? 
DNB: "With property owners valuing better water management, and municipalities requiring stormwater management strategies, it is to the benefit of those who build and design such projects to be prepared to do so. Businesses which are knowledgeable of GI and have experience in building those applications will have a business advantage in projects that require GI as part of their building requirements.”

LCIA: What is the format and focus of the workshops?
DNB: "Each of the day-long workshops will take place at the Mosquito Control Center at 2100 Leon C Simon Drive in New Orleans. Our target groups include landscape architects, architects, urban planners, engineers, contractors, home builders, business leaders, and political leaders. The details of each are as follows:

Design, Construction & Maintenance of Green Infrastructure
June 19, 2015
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
This workshop will focus on the needs of landscape architects, civil engineers, contractors, and landscape maintenance companies. It will cover the different types of GI, commonly used components, design issues, stormwater runoff calculations, sizing, soils, plants, construction administration and GI maintenance.”

Green Infrastructure Planning & Policies
July 10, 2015
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
This workshop targets architects, developers, planners, and policy makers. The workshop will provide an overview over different GI types and their application, regulatory and political drivers for the implementation of GI, benefits and cost-benefit analysis, and best practices in GI policy.”

Please visit to register for the workshops. Or visit and for more information about these workshops, and about stormwater management.

About Water Wise and the LUSC

The Louisiana Urban Stormwater Coalition (LUSC) operates as a nonprofit organization with the mission to provide information, ideas, and techniques that assist members, parishes, municipalities, neighborhoods, to achieve the Urban Stormwater Program’s goals and to facilitate compliance with the permit requirements. The Coalition promotes collaboration among stormwater managers, educators, engineers, landscape architects, planners, and regulators.

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