Upcoming FEMA Grant Opportunities Include Potential for Use on Stormwater Management Projects
7/27/2017 7:44:06 AM

LCIA welcomes this guest blog post from Alessandra Jerolleman, the Vice President of Resilience at Water Works. Alessandra attended LCIA’s June 22 stormwater management workshop—designed specifically for contractors—and she offered the following additional information for Louisiana’s construction industry.

As a professional working in stormwater management and green infrastructure, it is important to be aware of the opportunities that FEMA grant programs can present. Although individuals and firms cannot apply directly for this funding, parishes and other jurisdictions can put in grant applications, as sub-applicants through the State of Louisiana. The release of the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) is a perfect time to reach out to local jurisdictions with which you partner and see if they might be looking to submit an application.

The Grant Programs

The primary FEMA grant programs that are made available on a yearly basis, depending upon congressional appropriation of funds, are the Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant Program (PDM) and Flood Mitigation Assistance Grant Program (FMA). You may also be familiar with the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) that is made available following a presidentially declared disaster.

Both grant programs can be used to fund flood mitigation activities, although PDM prioritizes funding for non-flood hazard mitigation projects. Both grant projects also require a 25% cost share, but this cost share can be met with an in-kind match. In fact, time spent working on the application, provided certain requirements are met, can be considered as part of the in-kind match.

This year, priority is being given to projects that show a public-private partnership, with private funding being used towards the non-federal cost share. This presents an opportunity for local and parish governments to partner with the private sector in the design and funding of projects.

Detailed guidance for the PDM program, including a link to a fact sheet and to the NOFO (DHS-17-MT-047-00-99) can be found at:

Detailed guidance for the FMA program, including a link to a fact sheet and to the NOFO (DHS-17-MT-029-00-99) can be found at:

Funding in Fiscal Year 2017

The total FY2017 allocation for PDM is $90,000,000 of which each state is eligible to receive an allocation of $575,000. The remaining funds, after all state and tribal applicants have received their initial allocation, will be distributed on a competitive basis. A sub-applicant, such as a parish, can apply for up to $4 million in mitigation projects, through the applicant (the State of Louisiana).

The total FY2017 allocation for FMA is $160,000,000 of which $70 million is available for community flood mitigation projects. The maximum share that any one sub-applicant could receive is $10 million, and FEMA will only select the maximum ranked sub-applicant from each state.

Eligible Projects

Historically, PDM and FMA funds have largely been used to fund home elevations and acquisition projects, due in part to the prioritization of repetitive flood loss properties. A wider range of eligible projects, including stormwater management, were added in 2015 under the umbrella of Climate Resilience Mitigation Activities, but sub-applicants were not successful in securing the funding through the competitive process. This year’s FMA allocation actually prioritizes community flood mitigation projects over other types of flood mitigation projects, in an effort to increase funding for these types of activities.

Specifically, eligible project activities include: infrastructure protective measures; floodwater storage and diversion; utility protective measures; stormwater management; wetland restoration/creation; aquifer storage and recovery; local flood control to protect critical facilities; floodplain and stream restoration; and, water and sanitary sewer system protective measures.

The Process

The Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (GOHSEP) will request eligible projects from all potential sub-applicants (parish and local governments). These grant applications are usually managed through the relevant offices of emergency management. Each office of emergency management will work directly with their GOHSEP State Applicant Liaisons (SAL) through the application process.

A list of GOHSEP regions, including information on SALs can be found at:

GOHSEP will set a deadline for the receipt of applications. The State of Louisiana will have to rank and submit applications to FEMA prior to November 14, 2017.

Contact your local office of homeland security for more information.

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