The Importance of Ladder Safety Training
2/20/2014 3:18:41 PM

When was the last time you used a ladder? Did you know that any fall can be serious, and a fall from the height of even a low ladder can cause a painful and incapacitating injury? The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that in one year, 65,000 individuals receive emergency room treatment because of ladder accidents.*

No matter your occupation, you will likely need a ladder, either to reach for a file on the top shelf, get stock in the warehouse, or paint a house. And if you don’t use one at work, then you will eventually use one at home. A lot of folks take the required ladder-related safety precautions for granted.

What do I inspect for? How do I set it up properly? What type of ladder do I use, when do I replace my ladder, and how do I know which ladder to purchase? These are just a few of the questions that you should know the answer to before even considering the use of a ladder. Think about these things before you use a ladder again and consider getting the proper training.

Ladder Safety is LCIA’s featured Online Safety Class for the month of February. For more information about LCIA’s Online Safety Classes, visit the LCI/LCIA Member Portal at or contact Christina Buras at 985-612-6733.

And always feel free to reach out to me for any safety concerns, including the safe use of a ladder. I can be reached at 337-296-5849 or

*Information obtained from the CDC

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