The Importance of First Aid Training
1/21/2014 8:50:25 AM

Do you know someone who has ever broken a bone, cut themselves, had a stroke, or needed medical attention quickly? Sure you have – we all have – and when it happens, someone needs to know how to handle the situation. Of all safety trainings that workers go through, first aid is the most universally applicable. Why? Because an accident can occur anywhere, anytime, on any job, at home, or somewhere in between. It doesn’t matter if you are a white collar CEO or a blue collar construction worker, first aid training is very useful.

When I was in college, I took a CPR & first aid class. The following week at a retirement party, I witnessed an older gentleman choking. Another guest and I were able to utilize our training to help this man until the paramedics arrived. From that moment, I realized how important it was to have this training. Since then, I have used my training from time to time while doing volunteer fireman duties and raising my children. Having CPR and first aid training and keeping these certifications current allows me to bring my skills, along with piece of mind, with me everywhere I go.

With all of this in mind, we invite you to attend LCIA’s First Aid and CPR Training Workshop on Friday, January 24 in the New Orleans area. Upon completion of the class, all attendees will receive a CPR Certification through the American Heart Association. First aid is also LCIA’s featured Online Safety Class for the month of January. For more information about the workshop or Online Safety Classes, contact Christina Buras at 985-612-6733.

And always feel free to reach out to me for any safety concerns including first aid. I can be reached at 337-296-5849 or For further reading about first aid, check out the following information from OSHA:

· "Fundamentals of a workplace first aid program”

· "OSHA’s first aid interpretation”

· "OSHA first aid kit requirements”

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