LCIA's New Programs #4 of 5: Opportunities
1/14/2016 7:59:00 AM

What a week it’s been so far: we learned about Locally Vested on Monday, Tune In on Tuesday, and Industry Insights yesterday. Today we look at LCIA’s discounts, deals, and offers program: Opportunities. LCIA works with trusted, vetted businesses and organizations—known as Opportunity Makers—to secure Opportunities for LCI policyholders. Opportunities can include free or reduced admission to an event, discounted goods and services, and more. You can meet Opportunity Makers on LCIA’s website and through our Tune In webinars. We list all Opportunities in our emails, and coming soon, all current Opportunities will be available in the
LCI/LCIA Member Portal.

Why Opportunities?
The LCIA network is made up the almost 4,000 Louisiana businesses with an LCI Workers’ Comp policy. There is definite power in numbers, so LCIA has leveraged these numbers into special offers for our members. We work to ensure that the product, good, service, or event from each Opportunity Maker is relevant and worthwhile for LCI policyholders. Through Opportunities, we want to connect you to other businesses and organizations who have something to offer you.

Opportunities’ Identity
LCIA will be promoting both Opportunities and Opportunity Makers to you, so it was important for us to have logos for both. We will use the Opportunity Makers banner in conjunction with each Opportunity Maker’s logo. That way, it will be easy to identify Opportunity Makers.

Look for LCIA’s final program blog tomorrow, in which we will be re-introducing Family Day. In the meantime, you can read more about LCIA’s programs at

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