LCIA's New Programs #3 of 5: Industry Insights
1/13/2016 8:31:09 AM

You may have heard this from us before, but no matter your industry, you’re in business with LCIA. We enjoyed introducing Locally Vested on Monday and Tune In yesterday. Today, we introduce you to Industry Insights, LCIA’s program that focuses on industry-specific issues. Industry Insights will take form in lunch workshops, networking events, webinars, and more. The live workshops will be offered across Louisiana, and when possible, we will feature continuing education (CE) hours for various industry licenses.

Why Industry Insights?Through much research and consulting with Louisiana businesses, we have created ten industry categories. All LCI policyholders fall into one of these industries. We believe this is the best way to offer workshops and other events that are best suited to Louisiana’s specific industries.

LCIA’s industries are:

  • Agriculture & Natural Resources
  • Construction, Utilities & Property Services
  • Education & Social Services
  • Healthcare & Wellness
  • Hospitality & Entertainment
  • Information, Design & Consulting Services
  • Legal, Financial & Insurance
  • Manufacturing, Fabrication & Processing
  • Retail, Sales & Other Services
  • Transportation, Freight & Warehousing

Industry Insights’ Identity
Industry Insights urges LCIA to get inside the heads of Louisiana’s different industries, so the brain icon was a natural. More specifically, we want to gain insight into your industry, so we have created ten variations of the Industry Insights logo, one for each industry. As you can see, the brain is replaced with an industry icon—either atop or inside the head—illustrating that LCIA’s Industry Insights program seeks to delve deep into your industry.



Is there something going on in your industry that you would like to learn more about? Please contact Christina Buras at We believe the key to success is staying on top of the market.

As a reminder, you can learn more about LCIA’s programs at Please join us tomorrow to learn about LCIA’s discounts, offers, and deals, or Opportunities.

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