LCIA's New Programs #1 of 5: Locally Vested
1/11/2016 8:45:23 AM

On Friday, we discussed a brief history of LCIA’s offerings, LCIA’s need for new programs, and the rationale for the new programs. We also previewed LCIA’s five programs and promised an in-depth look each of our programs—one per day—this week.

As you’ll learn this week, each program has its own purpose, its own structure, and its own identity. We’ll go over each of these in the blog posts these week. We’ll also introduce the programs on our Facebook page.

Without further ado, we proudly present Locally Vested. Locally Vested is a series of live, moderated forums that we host around the state. Each Locally Vested workshop will focus on business issues specific to a particular region, with the information presented by a local speaker. We will host Locally Vested four times per year, each time in a different city. Our first Locally Vested workshop will take place on February 3, 2016 at the Lod Cook Alumni Center in Baton Rouge.

Why Locally Vested?
LCIA represents all LCI policyholders, who span the state of Louisiana. Each region has its own unique industries, geographical features, infrastructure, and culture, and challenges. Business needs vary by region, and each edition of Locally Vested will speak to the needs of all businesses in its particular region.

Locally Vested’s Identity
We decided early on that it was important to give each program its own identity, all under the umbrella of LCIA’s Programs. We worked with a design team to give each program its own colors scheme, as well as its own custom logo. For Locally Vested, the logo, of course, features the Louisiana outline, along with two "map pins” combining to form a heart. The map pins work because this program speaks to local issues, and the heart because Louisiana is home to all of us.

We hope you have enjoyed this in-depth look at Locally Vested. Learn more about LCIA’s programs, and view a calendar of LCIA’s events at Tomorrow we will introduce LCIA’s weekly webinar seires, Tune In. Visit for more information in the meantime.

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