LCIA Opportunities Now Listed in LCI/LCIA Member Portal
9/1/2016 9:58:32 AM

If you’ve paid your workers’ comp bill online recently, you may have noticed the new "Opportunities” tab on the left menu under "Benefits.” Side note: if you haven’t paid your workers’ comp bill online, LCI offers free online bill pay in the LCI/LCIA Member Portal. It’s a secure site, and all you need to register is an email address, along with your policy number and billing zip code. LCIA’s current Opportunities are the most recent feature added to the Member Portal.

Opportunities, first introduced in early 2016, are special discounts, offers, and deals that we secure specifically for LCI policyholders. They can include special invitations or reduced admission to events, discounted prices on goods and services, and more. Opportunities can be a one-time deal, or they can be offered on an ongoing basis.

LCIA Opportunities are offered by vetted businesses and organizations known as Opportunity Makers. LCIA screens Opportunity Makers and reviews all Opportunities to ensure they are relevant for LCI policyholders. We also strive to provide Opportunities for all industries across the state.

LCIA encourages you to review current Opportunities in the Member Portal and check back frequently for new Opportunities. We will announce new Opportunity Makers, but to keep them exclusive for LCI policyholders, the Opportunities themselves will be listed in the Member Portal and in LCIA email newsletters.

Click here to visit into the LCI/LCIA Member Portal. Call 985-612-1239 with Member Portal questions.

Contact Christina Buras at 985-612-6733 or with any questions about the Opportunities program.

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