LCIA Launches New Mobile Website
11/4/2016 1:22:58 PM

In the past, if you went to LCIA’s website from your phone, you would see the top, left corner of the site, and you had to pinch and scroll with your finger to read anything on the site. No more.

Because more just under half of visits to LCIA’s website came from mobile devices—phones and tablet—LCIA recently launched a mobile version of our website. The mobile site displays navigation links and offers shortcuts that allow you to call or email us with the tap of a finger.

While LCIA’s full desktop site has is full of information for LCI policyholders and other Louisiana businesses, the mobile site is intentionally abbreviated. It contains the basic information about LCIA, our programs, and our events. The following is a breakdown of the website’s navigation banners:

  • About Us – Links to the "About LCIA” page, which resizes to your mobile device. Clicking the + brings up a link that takes you to a page telling youmore
  • Programs – Links to LCIA’s "Programs” page, which also resizes for your mobile device.
  • LCIA Events – Takes you directly to LCIA’s Eventbrite page, which displays all LCI and LCIA events.
  • Orange Blog – True to its name, takes you to LCIA’s Orange Blog.
  • Community Calendar – Takes you to LCIA’s "Around Louisiana” calendar, which lists business and industry events hosted by a variety of organizations across the state.
  • Resources – Links to LCIA’s list of business resources across the state.

We hope you find our new mobile site useful. Please email me with any feedback, questions, or issues with the mobile site.

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