Ladder Safety
4/23/2013 2:40:23 PM

Accidents involving ladders are the single major cause of serious workplace accidents for LCI insured companies. In just the past few years the following serious injuries have occurred:

      • A worker moving his extension ladder from one location to another walked his ladder into a power line. He died from electrocution.

  • A worker on a stepladder fell when the floorboard under the ladder gave way and caused the ladder to tumble. The man died from his injuries.

  • A worker on an extension ladder doing gutter work jumped off the ladder when it began sliding. He broke both ankles and will likely never walk without a cane.

In most claims involving ladders, the accident was preventable if certain generally accepted ladder safety rules had been followed.

Because most ladder claims involve a fall, nearly all accidents result in very serious injuries, including fractures and paralysis. These are very expensive claims involving significant time in the emergency room and in an intensive care unit. The cost of these claims may have a direct impact on the premium that an LCI member has to pay for their worker’s comp coverage. To use a ladder safely involves preparation before an individual even ascends the ladder.

LCI is hosting a Ladder Safety Breakfast this Wednesday, April 24 in Metairie at 7:30 AM. We hope that you and your employees will consider attending this short workshop on how to properly and safely use a ladder.

For addition information on ladder safety, visit the link below.

OSHA Standards for ladders

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