Available Provider Map Now Available on LCI’s Website
4/22/2015 8:53:03 AM

LCI Workers’ Comp utilizes LCIA’s Orange Blog to provide you with information about your workers’ comp policy, as well as company news and updates. LCI recently added a new feature to its website,, which allows you to find the nearest urgent care facility. Call Amanda O’Shaughnessy at 985-612-1587 with any questions about the available providers map.

When an employee is injured, the injured worker should receive immediate medical attention. LCI Workers’ Comp Loss Control would like to remind policyholders to utilize a local urgent care or occupational medical clinic when possible. This practice has been proven to reduce claims costs as well as lessen the time for claims handling.

Please visit the available providers map at to view a map of local clinics experienced in handling workers’ comp claims, who will provide drug & alcohol testing upon request. Business hours, contact information, and x-ray capability is also noted for each clinic listed.

As always, report every injury—without delay—by:

  1. Phone: (888)246-1988
  2. Fax: (985)612-6741
  3. Email:

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